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Our aim is to deliver focused medical training to promote excellence in patient safety and satisfaction - Dr Matt Kerton, Course Founder

Developing courses to promote excellence

We first ran our ultrasound guided vascular access course in 2018, with the simple aim of improving the success rates of peripheral venous cannulation in patients known to be difficult to cannulate.

Over the last 10 years we have developed our course to provide high quality teaching and allow the candidates the chance to get a significant amount of hands on experience during the course on tailor made manikins. We firmly believe this is a skill everyone can learn and use.

Attendees at all our courses have a variety of training backgrounds, doctors from Foundation Year 1 to consultants, all grades of nursing staff, advanced nurse practitioners, radiographers and intensive care technicians, just to name a few.

Building on the lessons we have learnt in developing The Vascular Access Course, we utilise the main learning points to help promote our course nationally. Despite being based in Wessex, we have national attention with healthcare professionals from all over the country attending our course, with varying backgrounds and experience.

Co-course organisers:

Dr Lucas Rehnberg

Dr Rob Mackay

Dr Rich Webster

Dr Tim Catton

Dr Rebecca Smart

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