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Incredibly useful, hands-on course highly recommend for all grades

Chris Laxton Consultant Anaesthetist
The Vascular Access Course

I would highly recommend The Vascular Access Course. It is extremely practical and very well delivered. After the course I was able to gain vascular access with confidence and ease, and saved patients and myself frustrating failed attempts and the risks and pain these can bring

MarK Devine Medical Registrar
The Vascular Access Course

A valuble additional technqiue taught in a way that made it easy to pick up

Amit Goswami Consultant Anaesthetist
The Vascular Access Course

The Vascular Access Course is one of the most useful pieces of CPD I have done in years! It has chnaged my practice for the better and is incredible value for money.

NIcky Weale Anaesthetic Consultant
The Vascular Access Course

Coming up to retirement - and this was one of the few courses that has usefully chnaged my practice: excellent teaching - thank you!

Bob Marjot, Anaesthetic Consultant
The vascular Access Course

I can highly recommend this course for medical personnel of all grades and specialities! Well organised, helpful teacher and realistic models to practice your technique on!

Amy Timpson, Anaesthetic Registrar
The vascular Access Course

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